Every year, millions of people visit Canada to enjoy the many opportunities our country has to offer, including visiting family and friends.

Depending on where you live and your personal circumstances, you need to meet certain entry requirements, from simple forms to complex authorizations. That’s where I come in.

Canada is waiting for you…

Most visitors to Canada do not require the services of a lawyer to come and visit.

However, there are instances in which it is helpful to count with the guidance of a lawyer, such as applicants with previous visa refusals from Canada or the US, limited travel history, or those who plan to visit relatives for long periods, such as parents and grandparents availing of the super visa program.

Work with us as little or as much as you want with flexible billing options.

I only work for as long as a case requires, so you’ll never be over billed for unproductive time.

An hourly-rate retainer is a cost-effective solution when you have a few questions or just need a professional review of your application.

You could receive invaluable feedback in as only as one hour. Clarifying the meaning of questions in applications forms, answering concerns about your situation or how the process would unfold, obtaining guidance on important documents to submit are just examples of how you can put forward a strong application working with a lawyer.

Most importantly, you retain control of the relationship with immigration authorities.

A flat-rate retainer is a good idea if you require full representation or your case is more complex and would likely require legal arguments.

Applicants who have been refused visas in the past must be very careful when reapplying. In most cases, I help you obtaining a copy of your failed application before attempting again.

Other complex situations refer to Authorizations to Return to Canada or applicants who may be inadmissible to Canada, or who have received procedural fairness letters.

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